How to Meet Amma


To this day, Amma concludes her programs by embracing each person who has attended the event. Far from a brief book-signing or walk along the rope line, these personal one-on-one meetings take up the vast majority of Amma’s time. Amma has given this motherly embrace, known as her Darshan, to more than 40 million people throughout the world. Amma has been known to give Darshan for more than 22 hours without interruption.

The most personally accessible, compassionate Spiritual leader alive today, Amma, may well be on a first-name basis with more people than anyone else in the world. When people pour out their hearts, Amma offers them emotional solace, spiritual guidance, and concrete solutions to their problems.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I get in line for Amma’s blessing, her darshan?
To meet Amma, you will need a token which are issued on a first-come-first-served basis. Starting 6.30 am on the day of the program, as you arrive in the morning,  you will be given a time card based on the time of your arrival. You may then be seated in the darshan hall. Once Amma’s program starts, you will be given a token number against the time card that you had received.  When this token number is displayed on the darshan boards near the stage, you may join the queue for Amma’s Darshan.

What if I have special needs, or am physically challenged and can’t wait in line?
Please inform the ‘ May I Help you Desk’host or hostess who is stationed at the entrance to the hall. They will help provide a comfortable solution and assistance for receiving your embrace.